Professional Certified Arborists and Certified Tree Climbers

Sperry Tree Care Co. provides tree, shrub, and hedge care services as well as arboricultural consultation services. We have ISA Certified Arborists, ISA Certified Tree Climbers, an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist and a TRACE-Certified Tree Risk Assessor on staff to help you.

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Sperry Tree Care Co. consulting arborists Nathaniel Sperry, Alby Thoumsin, and Christopher White offer complimentary consultations to answer your tree and landscape questions in our geographic area surrounding Eugene/Springfield, and in Corvallis, Oregon. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

We guarantee your complete service satisfaction. Our customers report very positive experiences working with us. If anything needs attention, we listen and act to meet your needs. Call us with questions about our service guarantee.

Sperry Tree Care Co. climber working aloft

We provide both consultation and field services. That means we can help care for your trees, shrubs, hedges, and provide consultation services such as tree hazard evaluation, appraisals, construction preservation plans, and more.


"Never have I paid a bill with delight before! Please commend the guys who pruned my trees… They went above and beyond on this job, and it is greatly appreciated."