Tree Disease and Insect Diagnosis and Management

Disease and Insect Diagnosis and Management

Accurate diagnosis is critical to the success of any management program.

Sperry Tree Care Co. consulting arborists, Nathaniel Sperry and Alby Thoumsin, have nearly 40 years combined experience diagnosing tree problems in the area surrounding Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

We choose to manage pest and disease problems through cultural rather than chemical means. This means creating an environment that will support healthy trees and plants without creating dependence on expensive, toxic pesticides. This can be as simple as planting the right tree in the right location, paying attention to soil qualities and correct application of fertilizers and irrigation. For example, here in the Willamette Valley, spring rain can cause leaf problems. Pruning or selective thinning to increase sun exposure and air flow can sometimes improve this problem.  

Pesticide spray programs are usually very profitable to the companies that sell them and often kill beneficial organisms as well. Think before you sign up for any spray program. You do have options.


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