Tree Selection and Planting

Right Tree, Right Place. Pay attention to this axiom, and you will have a happy life with your trees. When planning for a new tree, we recommend having a professional arborist who is familiar with tree cultivars and your local environment consult with you on site before you visit the nursery.

Consider the environmental characteristics of your particular site as well as what you want the tree to contribute to your landscape.

What kind of soil, exposures to sun and wind, climate, water availability, etc. exist?

Do you want to plant a native species?

Do you want your tree to provide edible fruit or nuts?

Will an evergreen or deciduous tree work best in your location?

How large will the tree become at maturity?

Will it create welcome shade or block sunlight to your solar collector?

When traveling around your neighborhood note trees you like. Planting a tree is an act of hope and investment in the future.

If you enjoy planting trees consider volunteering your time with other tree lovers in the Eugene/Springfield area. Contact the Eugene chapter of Friends of Trees. Erik Burke at or 541-632-3683 for volunteering opportunities.

Inquire about Tree Selection and Planting