Life down under

There is a whole ecosystem thriving under our feet in healthy soil. There are animals, beneficial fungi, insects, arthropods, bacteria, and others living their mystery lives out of our sight. Earthworms are a part of healthy soil, which support a healthy root system, which in turn supports a healthy tree. These guys thrive on organic material (see mulch above) and die in the presence of toxic pesticides and rototilling. We have seen these critters pulling leaves and other organic tidbits down, down, down, under the ground. If you see a small clump of dirt with a hole in it that is the soil the worm has pushed out of the way coming through its tunnel. Take a moment and look around in your lawn and under your leaf debris and see all the mounds. This is one reason why it is best to use a mulching mower that leaves very small grass clippings. Avoid pesticide use in general and rototilling in the root-zones of your trees.