Tree and Shrub Care Services

When pruning your trees our ISA Certified field arborists are careful and skilled. The have the benefit of years of education, training, and experience in our area. They also have state of the art tools and practice modern, safe climbing techniques.

When contracting for tree removal it is important to consider safety and liability. We believe this means more than just having adequate liability and workers compensation insurance coverage. At Sperry Tree Care safety is always more important than profit.

Cabling and bracing support systems are used to reduce the hazard potential of trees with specific, structural defects. When you are in the Eugene, Oregon area you can see some of our cabling work in the historic Owen Cherry Tree at the Owen Rose garden.

It is true that healthy trees and plants start with healthy soil. Yet, that doesn't mean running out and loading up on whatever fertilizer happens to be on sale. Over-fertilization, or using the wrong fertilizer can cause problems for your landscape and trees as well as hurt the environment. Having said that, there are also times when a good quality fertilizer, used sparingly, at the right time of the year, can make a difference.

Wildlife habitat creation in our urban and suburan environments can provide food and shelter for birds and animals. Our arborists are fascinated by the many roles that trees play in the world.

Consultation Services

One of our tools is not found in many tree care companies. It is an Air-Spade, a specialized air powered excavator that has a nozzle which dispenses a high volume of air in a way that moves soil particles without significantly damaging tree roots.

We believe it is safer to live among trees than it is to drive a car.

However, just as you would take a car to a competent mechanic, we recommend taking an educated look when dealing with the risks related to trees. We can share casual observations verbally or perform more detailed evaluations including climbing inspections, root crown excavations, or provide a formal, written TRACE-Tree Risk Assessment as your need dictates.

Accurate diagnosis is critical to the success of any management program.
Sperry Tree Care Co. consulting arborists, Nathaniel Sperry and Alby Thoumsin, have nearly 40 years combined experience diagnosing tree problems in the area surrounding Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.

Right Tree, Right Place. Pay attention to this axiom, and you will have a happy life with your trees. When planning for a new tree, we recommend you call us before visiting the tree nursery. We can help you choose a tree appropriate to your needs and site.

If you are planning a construction project we invite you to call us early in the process. This will set the stage for a successful, coordinated team approach to your project saving money and possibly trees in the process.
Construction projects are often designed to showcase trees; and then, sadly, those very trees are damaged beyond salvage during the construction process.
Is is surprising how many architects, developers and building contractors do not have the knowledge to successfully preserve trees. Remarkably, many of the techniques for tree preservation are simple.