Fertilization and Soil Amendments

Let's stop treating our soil like dirt! Dirt is what you wash out of clothes. Soil is alive, filled with beneficial fungi, bacteria, worms, insects and other organisms living their mystery lives often out of our sight. We depend on these organisms to decompose organic material and feed all plant life, including trees.

It is true that healthy trees and plants start with healthy soil. Yet, that doesn't mean running out and loading up on whatever fertilizer happens to be on sale. Over-fertilization, or using the wrong fertilizer can cause problems for your landscape and trees as well as hurt the environment. Having said that, there are also times when a good quality fertilizer, used sparingly, at the right time of the year, can make a difference. In those cases we do recommend and professionally apply fertilizer and other soil amendments.

Some arboricultural research suggests that up to 90% of tree health problems originate below the ground. When we make a site visit we are considering the health of your landscape soil too. This includes soil composition, water (too little or too much), compaction, soil fertility, and more. So, before spending money on high nitrogen, fast-acting fertilizer, we recommend having your trees and yard evaluated by a professional arborist. If that evaluation is done by someone whose primary income is not dependent on how many spray or fertilization contracts are written that month all the better.

Sperry Tree Care Co. cares about the health of our living soils, trees, and your pocketbook.

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