Pruning with Care


When pruning your trees our ISA Certified field arborists are careful and skilled. The have the benefit of years of education, training, and experience in our area. They also have state of the art tools and practice modern, safe climbing techniques.

It hasn't always been so. 

Humans have been pruning trees for as long as we could be called human, maybe longer. And, as with any activity with that kind of history, we have created an abundance of pruning theories, myths and fads.

For example tree "topping" used to be considered the best way to reduce tree hazard. We now know that the practice of "topping", or removing the crown out of a large, structurally sound, healthy tree is almost guaranteed to create a hazardous tree over time. We also know that for every rule there are exceptions. Sometimes, rarely, large crown reduction cuts are appropriate and neccessary to preserve a tree. That's why we invite you to call us. Sperry Tree Care consulting arborists will listen first, then evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations based on tree biology and experience.

Call us if you live in or around the Eugene/Springfield area of Oregon. We are always happy to visit your trees and address your tree care questions.

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